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March 11, 2013

How to follow South Carolina Baseball on the web

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Carolina Baseball is an exciting and fun sport to take us into Spring. Since games are typically played in series, it's not always easy to make it to every game like the football games. However, with today's social media, it's easy to stay on top of Gamecocks Baseball and feel like you're in on the action of the games without being there in person.

Here are a few of our favorite resources to stay in the know on all things Carolina Baseball:

University of South Carolina's official Baseball website - definitely an obvious choice; this site has the schedule, ticket info, videos, and the latest news and stats. You can also watch the games online or tune in to the game audio via the web.

South Carolina Baseball official Twitter - @GamecockBaseBll; play-by-play updated live tweets during the games.

South Carolina Baseball Facebook Page - Updated events for games you can add to your Facebook events to remind you of the next game; gorgeous photos from each home game, live updates during games, and interactions with other fans.

Gamecock Daily - this website updates every hour, compiling information on Gamecocks sports from around the Web into one location!

"The Sarge" discussion board on The Big Spur - Join in on hundreds of conversations and discussions on this online forum about all things Gamecocks Baseball with other like-minded fans. Facebook page - live updates and photos during the games.

What online websites and resources do you use to follow all things Gamecocks Baseball? Share your sources in the comments of this post.

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