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September 28, 2012

Gamecock Sports: Game Prediction - USC vs. Kentucky

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South Carolina v. Kentucky Prediction: Can’t Overlook the Wildcats

Two years ago as I sat in the stands at Kentucky after one of the ugliest loses I have ever seen by Carolina. I determined two things: Carolina always seems to overlook Vandy and Kentucky and that would probably be my one and done visit to Kentucky for an away game!

This year again I fear the same problem. After a huge win over Missouri last week and Carolina’s annual date with UGA looming next week, one could easily brush off this week’s match-up as an easy win. However, if you’ve been a Gamecock fan for long you know there are no easy wins in this league or division. While I am very hopeful of what lies ahead in the coming months for USC I know we must get past the Wildcats first!

Reasons Kentucky May Win
While Kentucky was blown out by Florida last week they have proven that they can put points on the board. In their first three games of the season they scored a total of 92 points before posting a goose egg last week at the Swamp. Their record states that they currently are 1-3 on the season, but that could very easily been 2-2 if they had been able to come through in an overtime loss to the Western Kentucky Hilltoppers.

Kentucky was also without the service of starting quarterback Maxwell Smith who was out of the UF game due to a shoulder injury (sound familiar Gamecock fans)! Smith is expected to return this weekend but freshman Jalen Whitlow is being prepared just in case Smith can’t go or gets re-injured during the game. These two quarterbacks could create a big boost for the Wildcat offense and be just the spark they need to take down #6 South Carolina.

Reasons South Carolina May Win
As a Gamecock fan I have come to expect some type of quarterback controversy throughout the season but as we enter the fifth game of the season we have none. Yes, both Connor Shaw and Dylan Thompson have played superbly but still there is no controversy. I for one am thankful! Spurrier has reiterated time and time again that Connor Shaw is the starter and will remain so unless some unforeseen event occurs. Luckily if that situation arises I don’t think there will be many people worried about Thompson’s ability, especially when throwing the deep ball! With the outstanding quarterback play to go along with Marcus Lattimore in the backfield, the Gamecocks offense looks to be firing on all cylinders and here’s to hoping that continues until early January!

Of course you cannot discuss a Gamecock potential win without bringing up one of the nation’s best defenses. Jadeveon Clowney and Devin Taylor are terrorizing every quarterback they face and with the return of DJ Swearinger, after his one week suspension, the secondary will be as strong as ever. Little known linebacker Brison Williams is also beginning to make a name for himself which is tough at Carolina considering the shoes he has to fill! Another exciting infusion to the game on Saturday may be the return of Akeem Auguste. He has been out after suffering an injury in preseason workouts, but according to Coach Spurrier in his Tuesday press conference he has been practicing and all indications point to him being ready to play on Saturday. His presence on the field will be a huge bonus to an already stellar defense.

Keys to the Game
UK: The Wildcat offense must protect the ball and prevent turnovers.
USC: The defense needs to again create points and give the offense a short field.

Final Score: USC 35, UK 13

Post written by Gamecock Girl Sports Bloggess Lauren Hall.

September 27, 2012

Happy Hour: Gamecock Moon Cocktail

Try this refreshing cocktail at your next tailgate...

Gamecock Moon Cocktail
  • 1 1/2 Parts Grey Goose Cherry Noir
  • 3 1/2 Parts Lemon Lime Soda
  • 1/2 Part Grenadine
Directions: Fill glass slightly above rim with cubed ice. Pour ingredients in order listed to 1/2 inch from top of glass and stir. Add soda straw and garnish with a cherry.

Recipe source:

September 25, 2012

Cock-tails anyone?

How adorable is this "Cock-tails" Gamecock apron? This would be so fun to wear at your tailgate. Froo Froo Aprons™ are super cute, available in Toddler to Adult sizes, and can be personalized and customized any way you wish.

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September 24, 2012

Gamecock Sports: Game Recap - USC vs. Missouri

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USC v. MU Post Game Summary: Connor Shaw's Record Breaking Day

This Saturday several unexpected things happened at Williams-Brice Stadium...the first of which was the blowout win we dealt to Missouri. After Missouri's performance against UGA, last Saturday's was expected to be a close game. However, with the help of Ace Sanders and the special teams unit, Carolina was able to blow the Tigers away. Historically Carolina's special teams have been the Achilles heel, but this week it was the spark we needed to get over the hump. Ace Sanders' stealer performance all over the field was the breakout game all the Gamecock faithful were hoping for all season. Here's to hoping this will continue throughout the rest of the season!

After watching Dylan Thompson shine from the sideline for much of the last two weeks, Connor Shaw came out and completed 20 passes in a row after missing his target on the first attempt of the game. What was most impressive about this showing was his ability to hit passes at all levels. He was accurate to all depths and he spread the ball around. While it seems that his new favorite target may be Justice Cunningham, he used him to exploit the holes in the Missouri defense on the short passes over the middle.

Saturday also brought good news on the Marcus Lattimore front. He seems to be improving every week and looked to be almost completely back to 100% this week. He was able to make all the cuts and runs we are used to seeing, and also tacked on two more touchdown runs, the first of which put him in sole possession of the all time lead in rushing touchdowns for South Carolina. Let's just take a moment to think about this feat... Lattimore passed Heisman Trophy winner George Rogers, all while missing the second half of last season! If Carolina has any hope of a Heisman Trophy in the near future that hope rests on the shoulders of Marcus Lattimore and Jadeveon Clowney.

Once again Clowney and the Gamecock defense came up big by disrupting the Tigers' offense all day. Their constant pressure never allowed Missouri quarterback James Franklin to get into any kind of rhythm. This allowed for a great starting field position for the Gamecock offense all afternoon. And in SEC football, field position can make all the difference!

Final Score: USC 31, Missouri 10

Post written by Gamecock Girl Sports Bloggess Lauren Hall.

September 21, 2012

Gamecock Sports: Game Prediction - USC vs. Missouri

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Missouri v. South Carolina Game Prediction: Columbia, MO vs. Columbia, SC

This Saturday’s match-up features two teams that call Columbia home. One of which is an SEC vet and one in its first season in the nation’s toughest conference. With both schools featuring, or rather maybe not featuring, injured starting quarterbacks, this game could end up being decided by back-ups.

Not only will the Gamecocks potentially lose Connor Shaw with the first hit he takes, but they will definitely be without star defenseman DJ Swearinger. This week he was suspended for a helmet to helmet hit that occurred in last week’s UAB game that the league commissioner deemed a dangerous hit. While it seems that the coaching staff is not thrilled with the suspension (due to Justice Cunningham incurring a similar hit in the Vanderbilt game for which the Vanderbilt player was not suspended), it’s what Spurrier referred to as something they will deal with. This suspension, along with some other players being banged up will allow for our first glimpse of TJ Gurley. The true freshman is expected to be a big part of the defensive scheme this week, and according to the coaching staff he is ready for the big stage.

Missouri is no slouch. A few weeks ago they went toe-to-toe with Georgia for much of the first three quarters of the game until the Bulldogs came up big and put the game out of reach at the end. If nothing else this showed the nation that the Tigers are ready for their first year in the SEC and they are no pushover. Regardless of who starts at quarterback for Missouri, they will move the ball and move it quickly. The Tigers offense will keep the Gamecocks defense on the field for extended drives so conditioning will play a big part in this game.

Why the Tigers May Win:
The Tigers offense stays on the field. Even while missing starting quarterback James Franklin last week the Tigers led the possession battle at 34:51. This equates to a lot of time on the field for the opposing teams defense. If Carolina’s defense isn’t well conditioned for extended amounts of time on the field, this will be the game where it shows. These long drives also mean that when the Gamecocks do get the ball they must put points on the board against Missouri’s tough defense, which features last week’s SEC Defensive player of the week, Kenronte Walker. The senior strong safety showed up big in last week’s win over the Arizona State Sun Devils in late game-saving drives. Walker will look to continue his strong season against Carolina’s, at times, shaky offense.

Why the Gamecocks May Win:
As I say almost every week, Carolina’s defense must play big and step up in order for the Gamecocks to leave Saturday’s game 2-0 in SEC play. The defensive line will need to put pressure on whoever is playing quarterback for the Tigers in order to slow down the game and insure that USC can win the possession battle. Along with the defense playing big, Carolina’s offense must score points. While this seems obvious, it is especially important to put points on the board every possession when playing a team like Missouri that often wins the possession battle. There may not be a lot of time or opportunity to score if the Gamecocks get in an early hole so they must convert on every possession. Luckily for the Gamecocks, putting points on the board has not been a problem the last two weeks. With the infusion of Dylan Thompson’s passing ability it has allowed for Carolina’s offense to become much more vertical. Many Gamecock faithful are hoping that Spurrier will find a way to use both quarterbacks for their strengths and of course utilizing the best running back in the nation in Marcus Lattimore.

In the end...

The Gamecocks will pull out a very close victory against their new SEC East foes but it will not be decided until late in the game. Carolina’s defense will prevail in their battle allowing the Gamecocks’ offense time to put points on the board.

Keys To The Game
MU: Keeping their offense on the field and wearing down Carolina’s defense will be the key for them to have a chance at the end of the game.

USC: The defense must create turnovers and give Carolina’s offense a short field to convert points at every opportunity.

Final Score: USC 21, MU 17

Post written by Gamecock Girl Sports Bloggess Lauren Hall.

September 20, 2012

The Many Faces of Tailgating

A tongue-in-cheek profile of the types of people you are sure to encounter (at least once) at Williams-Brice Stadium on a typical game day.

The Group Who Painted Up
This is the group of 7-10 friends who decided it would be a great idea to paint their bodies, glorify their sports’ bras (for the ladies) and try their best to stay in the correct order throughout the entire game. This seems like a great idea at 10 in the morning when you first get to the stadium, but it seems like less of a good idea after someone has spilled a mimosa (or four) and you’re A starts to look a little bit like sad stick figure. And you haven’t even made it into the stadium yet.

If you do make it into the stands, you’re likely to figure out your BFF is the C and you’re the G of the GAMECOCKS! line, so you’re forced to text each other throughout the game to keep up with your stalking of the couple making out in front of you after every touchdown. If you’re lucky though, despite these mishaps, you will make ESPN for a second of glory when their camera scans the student section and lands right on you and your lucky friends. Co AEMGOCKS! Good effort though.

The Girl in the Cocktail Dress and Cowboy Boots
Now, I am the perfect example of this girl. I’ll admit I have my little black game day dress already picked out on Thursday before the big game. And every Saturday when it comes to make the ultimate decision, what shoes to wear, I hesitate every time. To wear the cowboy boots or to not wear the cowboy boots? I always choose not to, and I’ll let you know why. If you’re not one of the lucky few with access to premium parking spots, you will be walking almost a mile to the stadium. I don’t know about you, but my boots were not meant for walking. So that’s not what they’re going to do. I love the outfit, and I have the utmost respect for the girls who complete their ensemble with the boots. They are truly dedicated to looking their southern best. And for that, I tip my hat to them…even though I didn’t wear a cowboy hat either.

The Ultimate Tailgater in the Too-Short Dress
This girl didn’t realize there would be so many tailgating activities. Corn-hole. Beer Pong. Redneck Golf. The only thing is she is still wearing the same dress she wore to Five Points the night before so bending down to pick up that beanbag isn’t the easiest thing for her to do. Luckily about and hour before the game starts, she’s usually passed out in the folding Nascar chair that her boyfriend brought her. Long live #3. Everyone has to run out of gas sooner or later.

So what do you do?
How do you defeat these stereotypes and still look awesome? You want to look cute, maybe even sexy, in your gameday attire. How can you win on all accounts, make it through 8 hardcore hours of tailgating, and still come out on top? Let me tell you a little secret. You go to your nearest Gamecock gear store. Skip the dresses, skip the halters. You want to look like a real winner? Want people to respect you?

Go to the nearest jersey rack, and grab number 21. You’ll be a winner every time.

{via Go Team Shop}
Post written by guest author Casey McClary, a fourth year public relations student at USC who comes from a family of loyal gamecocks. She also operates an Etsy shop (The Print Library) where she creates awesome printable Gamecock art!

September 19, 2012

Gamecock Gameday Look - One Jacket, Two Looks

Gamecock Gameday Look - One Jacket, Two Looks

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Winding Your Way Scarf
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FOREVER 21 Rhinestoned Stud Set
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September 18, 2012

Gamecock Girl Giveaway - $25 to spend at Queen of the Tailgate

Good morning Gamecock Girls! We are super excited to bring you a fabulous giveaway today from one of our fave gameday boutiques - Queen of the Tailgate.

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