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March 22, 2013

Happy Hour: Garnet and Black Attack Cocktail

Here's a fun way to do a vodka cranberry cocktail with a cool garnet and black effect for your next tailgate...

2 oz. Blavod black vodka, very cold
3 oz. Chilled cranberry juice

Directions: Fill a small cocktail glass with ice. Pour cranberry juice over the ice. Gently layer black vodka over juice. Serve.

NOTE: This recipe calls for a lot of vodka and can be very strong... For less of a 'kick', pour less vodka on the top (1 oz. or less) - you'll just have less of the 'black' layer effect on the top. Also, since the ingredients are separated for effect, be sure to serve this cocktail with a swizzle stick so the ingredients can be stirred together before drinking. Please drink responsibly!

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