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April 17, 2013

Tailgate Recipe - Tailgate Snacks for On the Go

You're not always the host of the tailgate, or for some games, you just don't feel like packing the grill and spending a lot of time on food preparation for your Gamecock tailgate.

Sure, it's easy enough to swing by Zaxby's and get a giant chicken finger party plate...or snag a tray of subs, cheeses, or vegetables and dip from a local grocery store.

But here are some quick, easy, and foolproof recipes that you can whip up in minutes at home or at the tailgate itself. Some of these are so easy, you can get your kids to help! These recipes make preparing a spread for your tailgate (or to take to another tailgate) a stress free venture.

Creamy Cinnamon Celery

1 large celery stalk, cut into smaller sticks (most grocery stores carry pre-cut, pre-washed celery sticks)
1 Tbsp Laughing Cow Cream Cheese
1 packet Splenda
Ground Cinnamon

Directions: Mix together Cream Cheese and Sweetener. Spread on celery sticks and sprinkle with cinnamon on top. {via}

"Ants on a Log" celery snack

{photo source}
Directions: This is an easy classic snack you probably grew up with... Spread peanut butter into celery crevices and top with raisins.

Snack Mix Bar

{photo source}
Directions: Instead of buying prepackaged trail mix, purchase several different bite sized items (look for items on sale or buy in bulk from Sam's or Costco). Here are some ideas: Various dried fruit, chocolate chips, mini marshmallows, teddy grahams, pretzel sticks, Chex cereal, sunflower seeds, different kinds of nuts... Then purchase a box of sandwich-size Ziploc bags.

Set out each individual bite sized snack in its own bowl in a buffet-like line with plastic spoons in each bowl. Then let your tailgate guests grab a plastic bag (or bowl) and create their own snack mix. The Ziploc bag makes it easy to tote around and snack while at the tailgate -- and it makes it even easier to seal and stick in your purse to enjoy later during the game for a third quarter snack!

Mini Pimento Cheese & Egg Salad Sandwiches

{photo source}
Directions: We are willing to bet that a lot of you already serve these sandwiches at your tailgates and this easy snack might be a little obvious, but it's always a crowd pleaser and so easy to make in a time crunch. Most grocery stores carry (we recommend Publix!) pre-made packages of fresh pimento cheese and fresh egg salad.

Buy a bag (or two!) of dinner rolls (Yum!). Using a plastic knife, slice open a roll and spread a good amount of Pimento Cheese inside. Repeat with more rolls until you have the desired amount of pimento cheese sandwiches, then repeat the same process with the rest of the rolls using egg salad. In no time you'll have a full plate of mini pimento cheese sandwiches and mini egg salad sandwiches.

Fiesta Ranch Dip

1 16 oz (or 24 oz - depending on how much you need) container of sour cream
1 packet of Hidden Valley Fiesta Ranch mix

Directions: Open sour cream container and empty contents of Fiesta Ranch mix packet into sour cream; stir with a spoon until well mixed. Voila! That's it...a great dip to serve with a bag of regular potato chips or vegetables.

Itty Bitty Turkey Sandwiches

1 box of whole grain reduced fat crackers
1 package of hearts of romaine lettuce
1 to 2 tomatoes
1 package of Turkey deli meat

Directions: Here's a spin on the traditional sub sandwiches you serve at your tailgate. These bite-size cracker sandwiches are as cute as they are delicious. With two crackers as your 'bread', create mini turkey sandwiches. Mix it up and get a variety of meat in addition to the turkey. Feel free to add slices of cheese or avocado. {via}

Bite-sized snack balls

Finally, add a little sweetness to your tailgate with these easy, no-cook bite-sized snack balls. Your kids will love helping you make these. Click the links below to visit the websites with the recipes!


These quick and simple snacks would be a great addition to any of your future Gamecock tailgates, or for any 'quick snacks on the go' type event.

Now it's your time to share - what are your favorite on-the-go and on-the-road snack recipes? Share them in the comments!

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